Here you’ll find all of my publications including links to pdf’s and data (where applicable). 


Cadotte, M. W., Livingstone, S. W. Yasui, S.-L. E., Dinnage, R. Li, J.-T., Marushia, R. Santangelo, J. S., and Shu, W. 2017. Explaining ecosystem multifunction with evolutionary models. Ecology 98: 3175 – 3187 [pdf].


Santangelo, J. S. and Kotanen, P. M. K. 2016. Nonsystemic fungal endophytes increase survival but reduce tolerance to simulated herbivory in subarctic Festuca rubraEcosphere 7: 1-13. [pdf].


Santangelo, J. S., Turley, N. E. and Johnson, M .T. J. 2015. Fungal endophytes of Festuca rubra increase in frequency following long-term exclusion of rabbits. Botany 93: 233-241. [pdf] [Data and R script].